What is CeraKote?

CeraKote technology is formulated on a proprietary ceramic backbone. The formulation used for CeraKote Coatings enhances a number of physical performance properties. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that CeraKote products remain at the forefront of the firearm coatings market. CeraKote is meticlously applied to the item via an HLVP sprayer in a very controled environment. Its is then heat cured for a predetermined amount of time.


How Does It Compare To Other Finishes That Have A Long Standing Presence In The Industry?

To prove CeraKote is the leading firearm coating, NIC Industries, CeraKote'sparent company, hired an independent military testing facility to perform a blind side by side comparison between Cerakote and other  finishes. In every test CeraKote out performed both competitors products. All tests were performed in accordance with ASTM testing standards.


Abrasion Durability

Taber abrasion testing was performed by rotating an abrasive disk on the coated surface of a substrate to determine the durability of a coating. Test results indicate that CeraKote provides up to 7-1/2 times more wear resistance than other firearm finishes. One test had competitors' products failing between 500 and 600 cycles, where CeraKote did not fail until 8000 cycles. This test was in compliance with ASTM standard D4060.

Flexibility tests indicate that CeraKote can undergo a 32% elongation and withstand 160 lbs/sq in impact with no coating loss. This test was in compliance with ASTM standard D522.


What about its reliability in preventing corrosion?

Corrosive salt spray testing was performed using a steel substrate to simulate real-world application on a firearm. Test results indicate that CeraKote can protect steel 50 times better than other firearm finishes. After 385 hours of 5% spray, theCerakote coated items had no corrosion, unlike the other finishes. This test was in compliance with ASTM standard B117.

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